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About Us

About Our Clinic

ALAVADI DENTAL CLINIC is working successfully in the field of Dental and Oral Health since January 2006 by giving beautiful smiles on the faces of its patient and making them relish the different flavours of life.

We use innovative technology & products; serve our patients in all branches of dentistry and in the field of maxillofacial surgery, oral and dental health, restorative dental treatment and aesthetic smile design.

Why Should ALAVADI DENTAL CLINIC be Preferred?

The main reasons for preferring us are:

  • Highly specialized doctors with knowledge and experience in their fields
  • Comfortable and neatly painless treatment processes that combat fear and anxiety
  • Nearly 100% success in implant application with technology product
  • With the guide system in implant surgery; implant application without suture, blood, swelling and bruising
  • Use of innovative techniques
  • Fully sterile operating rooms
  • Sterile clinics and equipment used
  • Preparation of physical conditions considering the needs of disabled patients
  • In orthodontics (curve and crooked teeth) problems, taking into account the aesthetic concerns to be able to treat with special transparent plaques instead of wires
  • Quality and smiley faces you are looking for


Alavadi Dental Clinic aims to create a model in Jaipur with its Experience and infrastructure, to provide satisfaction of the patients and their relatives with the health services offered, and to be a reference within and outside the state/ region.


To make people aware of oral and dental health and to contribute to the way of creating a community with healthy mouths and teeth, ALAVADI DENTAL CLINIC offers preventive and curative health services in the oral and dental health field at an advanced level, in a common and integrated structure, under appropriate economic conditions and by following new technologies and treatment methods in oral and dental health field;

To provide latest oral and dental health treatment methods to ensure quick and complete healing; with dedicated physicians and health professionals who devote themselves to their professions and value human,our mission is to strengthen the patient physician relationship,an important step towards the shattering of dental chair phobia and hence attaining complete health.

Our Values

  • Empathy
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Reliability
  • To evolve continuously

Our Clinical Facts

Years Experience
Happy Customers

Professional Dentists Expert with Modern Technology

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What Our Patients Say

I flew in from abroad having suffered from a painful infection needing urgent treatment and saw the dentist within hours of landing .Highly recommended.

Omveer Bhargava

Sensitivity has been a major issue for me. I was unable to eat or drink any thing cold or hot. I thank Dr. Alavadi for the treatment . I can enjoy my food now . Really satisfied

Sanjay Somani

Got a tooth remade at Alavadi Clinic. Now I don't feel like. I did not had it in the first place. Thanks to sir for the treatment.

Neeraj Garg

Very happy with this practice. our family of six have been with this practice over 12 years now. Have only praise for this team. All my children were referred for orthodontic work and i have had a few issues which were alwaysdealt with efficiently.

Jarnail Verma

Dr. Emanshu is great with respect to the way he treats to his patients.While undergoing tooth extraction i did not feel pain at all.

Rekha Rajvanshi